The Eye Cream


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An all-in-one innovation formulated to combat visible signs of aging, damage, and stress while boosting firmness and hydration for a fresh, renewed look.

Size: 30ml (6-9 month supply)


The Eye Cream is an all-in-one, next-generation, plant-science breakthrough that addresses the visible signs of aging, damage, and stress – for all seven layers of eye skin including eye and lash rejuvenation.

The Eye Cream contains 200 of the planet’s most powerful anti-Aging and regenerative Botanicals. The world’s first and only edible, 100%, plant-powered Eye Cream.

Research Results

  • Eyes look less puffy and more lifted
  • Improves firmness and elasticity of the skin around eye
  • Hydrates, revitalizes and conditions delicate skin
  • Lines, including crows feet and under-eye lines, are visibly diminished
  • Eyes are radiant and expression areas appear smoothed
  • Dark circles are visibly diminished and reduces discoloration and dark shadows
  • Encourages eyelid epithelial skin-cell turnover and regeneration.
  • Expression areas such as the forehead, smile and laugh lines are visibly plumped and smoother.
  • Instantly, the eye contour area is smoothed and marks of fatigue disappear. Day after day, the eyes open up, accentuated by stronger and fuller lashes. They illuminate the face with newfound beauty.

For Eyelashes

  • The Eye Cream’s botanical blend will enhance the overall health of your lashes as well as stimulate the growth and density of both the eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Conditions, moisturizes, and strengthens your hair follicles for Longer, Thicker, Fuller Lashes.
  • Helps prevent breakage while allowing new lash growth.

For Eyes

  • Brightens, whitens, and clarifies the eyes.
  • Reduces itchiness, redness, irritation of the outside lining of the eye and eye strain.
  • Protects the retina from oxidative damage and guard against age-related macular degeneration.
  • Nourishes the eyeballs, and strengthens the nerves and other eye tissues.

10mil, 30ml, 50ml

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The Eye CreamThe Eye Cream